'See It From My Perspective'

We're excited to introduce our new campaign, 'See It From My Perspective', showcasing the different perspectives of autistic individuals, parents, carers, siblings, and professionals in everyday situations and the challenges they face, through a series of animations.

The assumptions we make define the reality we see - everyone has their own unique perspective. By seeing another viewpoint, we can challenge stereotypes and promote greater empathy, compassion and understanding.

Through this campaign, we want to inspire you to think differently - to consider the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the individuals in a situation.

Visit to the dentist

On: 06/03/23 2 minutes

See it from my perspective - Visit to the dentist

Listening to lived autism experiences is so important. They tell us a different perspective and give onlookers a chance to increase their understanding...

On: 13/03/23 2 minutes

Archie and Rebecca's perspective

Following our first animation, this new co-produced version features an insight into Archie and Rebecca’s perspective as they take a trip to the...

On: 20/03/23 4 minutes

Rebecca's Perspective - Dentist Visit

As a parent, taking your child to a dental appointment can be a daunting experience for the both of you. Rebecca is the proud mum of Archie, who is...