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Here at Autism Unlimited, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving and moving forward. Our sole aim is to provide unlimited opportunities for those we support.

Whether it is increasing the number of children who get access to our education or developing a new programme to prepare young adults for their place in society we will constantly look for ways we can improve lives.

All of our projects are bespoke and are created in consultation with the autism community to ensure that they add value by identifying a need and delivering a solution.

Here you can read more about each of our projects and the difference they have made to the lives of our children, students, adults and their families.

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On: 08/11/21

Futures 18-25

Sean wants to be independent – to learn and work locally, and live near to his family. He is autistic and has associated learning difficulties which...

On: 09/11/21

Community Connect

Autistic people need to be heard, they need a voice and to be represented in society. Often they are overlooked or decisions are made on their behalves...

On: 08/11/21

Brew Crew - Barista Training

Very few autistic adults are in full time employment. We are always looking at ways to enable the best possible outcomes for the people we support when...

On: 10/11/21

Autism Training

Progressive and inclusive employers are increasingly keen to unlock the multiple benefits of a neuro-diverse workforce and to tap into new talent pools....

On: 10/11/21

Adult Support - Residential

We strive to find the best way in which we can continue to provide the level of care and support that our residents need and deserve. We look to find ways...

On: 04/09/23

Portfield School - Sixth Form - Fenton

Our team works hard with our young autistic adults in managing the transition from the world of education into the world of employment or study. We help...

On: 04/09/23

Adult Support - Community

We want to increase the number of adults we support but to be able to do this we need to recruit more people to our team who have the right skills. This...

On: 20/09/23

Training - Morebus

We were delighted to be contacted by Morebus, part of The Go-Ahead Group who operates a fleet of 850 buses across the South West who wanted to train its...

On: 24/10/23

Futures - Tom

If you ask any young adult between 18 and 25 what their aspirations are most, if not all, will say, they want a job they love, their own home and to travel...