Archie and Rebecca's perspective

Taheera Khan

Date: 13/03/23

Following our first animation, this new co-produced version features an insight into Archie and Rebecca’s perspective as they take a trip to the dentist.

Before making it into the dentist’s office, they must navigate the busy waiting room, and for many autistic individuals, the combination of lots of people, chatter, and noise can be a stressful and overwhelming experience.

This is no different for Archie, who has sensory processing differences which can make everyday tasks like attending medical appointments, a challenge. The influx of different sounds and people can make it difficult to feel comfortable.

Rebecca’s own nerves are apparent, as she anticipates the challenges of the visit upon entering the waiting room.

As a way of regulating, Archie begins stimming – he does this by reciting different facts. However, this is met with stares and tuts from other patients, which only adds to Archie and Rebecca’s discomfort in an already-anxious environment.

Rebecca apologises to the onlookers and explains that Archie is autistic – although later questions why she needs to clarify the fact.

Thankfully, with the entrance of their dentist, Robyn, Archie is relieved to leave the waiting area. Robyn listens to Archie’s needs and shows kindness, reassuring both Archie and Rebecca as they ease into the appointment, grateful to be out of the waiting area.

By taking a closer look into their perspectives, viewers can appreciate the challenges many autistic people face in these environments. Taking a moment to understand what it’s like from Archie and Rebecca’s perspective, to show some empathy, can make a world of different.

With the release of this short film, they hope it will inspire and encourage the public to avoid making assumptions and instead see it from another perspective, be kind, and become an autism ally.

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