Futures (18-25)

Futures aims to help young people with an EHCP aged 18-25 make choices and develop the skills they need to move successfully and happily into adulthood.

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Innovative and inspiring

Futures is a programme that empowers 18 - 25-year-olds to realise their full potential and achieve more independence in their lives. The provision is centred around the Preparation for Adulthood framework and bespoke learning opportunities, to allow each individual to learn the skills they need to achieve their life aspirations.

Learners joining Futures can complete vocational skills qualifications as part of their personalised programme. Living independently with support is offered as part of the programme with our onsite furnished rooms, so they experience what it is like to live in a community setting.

Money management and making decisions about how and where they want to live and work are also part of the curriculum to ensure a well-rounded programme. Engaging with the community on a weekly basis encourages and gives learners the tools and confidence to explore new hobbies and have fun in their lives outside of Futures.

Futures can be a one or two-year programme, depending on the learner's previous experience and level of existing skills. The course can be flexible with learners attending 3 days a week, and a potential for 4 or 5 days a week if this additional time is needed.

If you would like to join the Futures programme and have a current EHCP, please complete the below Contact Form and we will get back to you.

Tom and Matt

What Futures is all about...

Success story

Ethan, one of our Futures Learners with a passion for engineering, was only four days into his work experience when aerospace engineering firm RHH Franks offered him a job.

Tom Errington, Ethan’s Futures Coach said: “I received an email asking me to go in and found myself in the board room with the operations manager, production supervisor and HR manager. They told me that Ethan was very talented and they wanted to find a way they could offer him a job that wouldn’t interfere with his studies."

Ethan said: “My supervisor Colin told me that most people who go in for work experience make a metal money box or something like that. I made a water separation system for a fighter jet.”

Colin Willbourne, Sheet Metal Supervisor at RHH Franks said: “From the very beginning of Ethan’s week here in the Sheet Metal department it was obvious that he had enthusiasm, drive, ability and skill and just needed an opportunity to shine and gain practical experience. We are looking forward to watching Ethan thrive and to helping more young people reach their future potential."

Matt, Futures Coach said, "Some learners can lose confidence through their previous learning experiences but within a year our learners are smiling, engaged, resilient, and determined to experience the world of employment. Within twelve months Ethan had secured part-time employment at his work experience placement."