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Our training portfolio ranges from Understanding Autism courses, Recruiting autistic talent, to Signalong training and tailor-made, bespoke sessions designed specifically for employers. All sessions and workshops are delivered in a fun and interactive environment, with hands-on and activity-led ensuring easy interaction and participation.

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Autism Unlimited Courses and Training

See the courses and workshops we have on offer below:

  • Autism E-Learning (business and personal)
  • Autism Acceptance
  • Signalong ™

September 2023

From: Tuesday, 19th September 2023 - To: Tuesday, 19th September 2023

Signalong Essential Vocabulary (September)

This workshop is designed to introduce signing to anyone wanting to expand their skills delivered in a way that works for both Neurotypical and Neurodiverse...

February 2024

From: Wednesday, 21st February 2024 - To: Wednesday, 6th March 2024

Signalong Essential Vocabulary (February 2024)

This workshop is designed to introduce signing to professionals and family members. The emphasis is on the practical application of signing. Brief...