Portfield School Governors

Portfield School is designated as a non-maintained special school. It is owned by Autism Unlimited.

The Governing Body includes representatives of the trustees, school staff, parents, the local community and others with specific skills and experience to contribute to its work; the local authority is also represented.

The Governing Body holds oversight of the school’s operations and on behalf of the trustees holds the school management to account for its standards and performance. The Head Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school but governors are closely involved in matters such as its finances, developing the school’s aims and setting appropriate policies to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

The Governing Body normally meets four times a year. Governors visit the school regularly and take an interest in a specific area of the school’s operations, such as pupil outcomes or teaching and learning.

Who we are

You don’t need to be an experienced professional – it’s about attitude as well as expertise.

School governing boards need skilled people to help them run effectively, but both hard and soft skills are needed around the table. Whether you’ve spent 20 years as an accountant or are in the earlier days of your career, schools need soft skills such as problem solving or negotiation as much as specific expertise.

Our board is made up of the following people:

  • Jan Cresswell - Chair of Governors
  • Gina Wagland - Head Teacher
  • Joan Dampney - Honorary President
  • Adrian Chapman - Parent Governor
  • Sally Piper - Parent Governor
  • Ruth Kavanagh - Teacher Governor
  • Georgina Moss - Staff Governor
  • Melanie Foster - Trustee Governor
  • Jane Newell - Safeguarding Lead Governor Click here for the Safeguarding Policy
  • Vanda North - Community Governor
  • Luke Stevens - Community Governor
  • Gina Wagland - Head Teacher

Why become a school governor?

Being a school governor is a chance to experience leadership at board level at any point in one’s career. Governors are involved in approving the school’s budget, the recruitment of the Headteacher and make strategic decisions. The role provides individuals with the opportunity to develop and hone skills such as negotiation, influencing and teamwork. Volunteers need to be dedicated people who care about improving education, but they do not need prior board experience. It makes the role perfect for professionals looking to improve their business and leadership skills, give back to society and enhance children’s futures.