See it from my perspective - Out at the shops

Taheera Khan

Date: 12/04/23

A trip to the supermarket can be a challenging sensory experience for many autistic people - the combination of the bright artificial lighting, loud noises, and changes in temperature can become overwhelming.

Based on a real, lived experience, this co-produced animation showcases Deborah’s trip to the supermarket with her children.

Animation summary

Our final animation explores the challenges that can emerge when going to the shops as an autistic individual and family. Viewers will see the perspective from Deborah, an autistic parent, along with her autistic son and his neuro-typical siblings.

As they enter the busy shop floor and pass through the aisles, Deborah’s son begins to show signs of distress. The glaring bright lights, loud chatter from other customers, and other sensory information in the shopping environment becomes increasingly overwhelming.

He begins to panic, squeezing his eyes shut and holding his head to shield himself from the sensory input. This leads to a verbal outburst, and he begins screaming and running out of the shop, with his family chasing after him.

Watching the scene unfold, customers stop and stare.

Running into the car park, Deborah’s son looks visibly distressed and falls to the ground screaming. Deborah tries to comfort and reassure him whilst surrounding onlookers stare, tut, and make comments.

Thinking quickly, one of Deborah’s other children takes her phone out of her pocket to make a call to their dad, notifying him of the situation and asking him to come and help.

Amongst the other staring onlookers, one person observes the situation and asks Deborah if she is okay, offering some reassurance and relief to their family. She relaxes thanks to the extra bit of support from the kind stranger.

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