About us

We exist to support and empower those living with autism.

We've come a long way

Much has changed since our founders started the charity over 50 years ago. We have grown enormously, and we know that there is still much to do.

We recognise the challenges for children, adults and their families and will work with them as partners to find solutions and create opportunities through tailored learning and support.

It is thanks to the continued hard work and dedication of everybody involved in our charity, that we can deliver new opportunities for the children and adults we support.

Today, we employ over 400 people across the South of England, and our future plans include a programme of engagement with organisations to share the benefits of employing autistic people as well as expansion of our autism and SEN college, Futures.

We want to show to the outside world that we are accessible and relevant to the autistic community, particularly those audiences or organisations which we may not have reached until now.