From our wonderful Forest School, to our mindfulness space at the Roundhouse, we have amazing provisions available for the students.

What is Forest School?

Forest School enables our students to develop their creativity, social interaction and self-regulation skills, take calculated risks and connect with nature.

The sessions take place on site where we have a designated Forest School learning space. Students are given the opportunity to participate in Forest School sessions on a weekly basis. Our Forest School Leader provides kinaesthetic learning opportunities, informed by Occupational Therapy, working muscle groups, promoting physical fitness and developing fine motor skills. The activities are personalised for each class group and include shelter building, social and cooperative games, nature study, making temporary art, fire lighting, cooking on an open fire and using and handling tools.

We are proud to be a Duke of Edinburgh provider, and our Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Forest School water play

Talent Show



Artist in Residence

Our students can experience art in a practical and hands on format, using different materials whilst working in small groups with a professional artist.

The Artist in Residence promotes collaboration, communication and social interactions by working with students to create a shared piece of artwork that is then displayed within the school. Students are supported by the Artist in Residence to develop their contextual interpretation, and visual communication skills through their chosen medium. Our students work across a variety of mediums including sculpture, charcoal, watercolours and printmaking.

Students who show an aptitude for art and a desire to develop their specific art-based skills are supported to engage in one-to-one sessions so that more formal tuition can occur.

At Portfield School we are committed to developing the creativity of our students, providing varied opportunities for expression and developing collaborative work.


Musician in Residence

Our students can experience music in an experiential format, enabling creativity and small group or one-to-one sessions with a professional musician.

For our students this means that they have the option to participate in 30-minute sessions either in a small class group, small group of their peers or individually to experience playing different instruments and creating music. The students use a variety of mediums – including electronic – to create musical compositions and to express themselves through sound; often creating tone poems.

Students who show an aptitude for music and a desire to learn a musical instrument are supported to engage in one-to-one peripatetic instrumental lessons. Currently, the range of lessons available include the accordion, double bass, violin, guitar and piano.


The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse provides an exciting space for mindfulness and therapies and is a good example of our continuing exploration of ways to develop therapeutic processes.

This circular space has a light focus at the pinpoint of the radius of the ceiling, producing a serene sense of calm and peace and makes it the perfect environment for students to enjoy and benefit from music and movement therapies.

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