Our young entrepreneurs launch ‘Spectrum Socks’

Spectrum Socks
Taheera Khan

Date: 17/05/24

The bright minds at Portfield School Sixth Form kick-started their entrepreneurial journey in this year’s National Young Enterprise Programme. Fuelled by creativity and compassion, they had a vision to help people express their feelings through vibrant tie-dye socks.

‘Spectrum Socks’ are a unique range of differently coloured tie-dyed socks which signify their wearer’s emotions.

The colourful creations were inspired by The Zones of Regulation - a globally recognised educational framework which categorises emotions and states of alertness into four colour-coded zones, each representing a different level of emotional intensity and self-regulation.

  • The blue zone represents a low state of alertness or when people might feel sad, tired, or ill and need to calm down and regain energy.
  • Green signifies an optimal state of alertness when someone is focused, calm, ready to learn, feels happy, content, or relaxed.
  • Yellow represents a heightened state of alertness. People might feel frustrated, anxious, or excited and need strategies to help them stay in control and make appropriate choices.
  • The red zone signifies an extremely high state of alertness when people might feel overwhelmed by intense emotions such as anger, fear, or panic, and require immediate support to calm down and regain self-control.

For some neurodiverse people, who might find it difficult to communicate, the zones can help them to express how they are feeling to others and also to identify tools to manage their emotions. By wearing our socks people can let others know if they are struggling and need support, if they want to be left alone, or if they want to engage.

Students were involved in the process from conception through to completion. From developing the idea to testing dyes, sourcing suitable materials, and even suggesting care instructions, their attention to detail and commitment to quality was evident in every aspect of the business.

They showcased their socks at the Young Enterprise Dorset Trade Fair in April, and the success earned them a spot in the Showcase Final, where they competed against products from a range of schools across Dorset. The ‘Spectrum’ team all received participation certificates and the day was made even more special when team member Oliver was presented with the ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement Award’ for his exemplary effort during the process.

The project has hugely benefitted our students, enabling their confidence to grow, allowing them to take on responsibility, and developing their communication and presenting skills.

It has been an amazing journey of creativity, teamwork, and innovation, and we couldn't be prouder of their achievements!

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