Our Christmas Appeal – lending library of resources

Lending library
Taheera Khan

Date: 16/12/21

Our Christmas Appeal – lending library of books and resources

16 December 21

Our Information and Support service provides vital sign-posting for anyone who wants to find out more about services available for autistic people, has questions about how to address some life challenges, or simply just want to talk. It is often difficult to access appropriate support as there are very few specialist services and mental health support is not set up to meet their needs.

There are many instances reported by autistic adults of not feeling understood or accepted and their needs not being met. This can increase feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and isolation, which further impact poor mental health. Covid-19 has magnified these issues in recent months.

Lending library– try before you buy

We are continually learning about what the autistic community needs to boost mental health and wellbeing and we need your help to meet the key needs that are being identified. As the first step in co creating new services with the autistic community. Autism Unlimited is setting up a lending library of books and resources.

The lending library will provide the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ – people accessing our Information and Support service will be able to borrow resources to see if they are helpful before buying their own.

Please support our Christmas Appeal
  • Make a donation today to Autism Unlimited – just £20 will buy sensory items or two books.
  • Visit Amazon Smile and buy a book or resource for the lending library.
  • Like and share our social media posts.
Improving health and wellbeing

A recent counselling pilot undertaken by Autism Unlimited has shown that autistic people need and are benefiting from being heard and understood, often for the first time, by a professional. It also provided clarity on autism related challenges that influence particular situations (such as education); can enable people to develop self-understanding and self-acceptance, which in turn boosts their mental health and wellbeing and empowers them to make decisions and choices that are right for them. As people learn more about themselves and what works for them, they can identify their strengths and bring them more into their daily lives.

Autism Unlimited aims to develop further wellbeing assistance and ensure it is widely accessible through resources, groups and one to one support. We look forward to sharing more news of this in the coming months.

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