Futures Artist

Taheera Khan

Date: 13/04/22

Art allows a lot of people to express themselves in their own way, nurturing creativity, innovation and dialogue.

It is commonly used as a therapeutic medium for some autistic people. Art can be an outlet for self-expression, regulating emotions, building confidence and enabling them to explore and understand their thoughts and feelings. Many autistic people are visual learners, so art can be a natural and effective way to communicate how they see and view the world.

It can be a therapeutic way to channel and manage their emotions in a safe and facilitating environment, and a great source of comfort. Research has shown that making art can lower stress levels, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity and reducing anxiety.

By working on collaborative art pieces with their peers, children can better engage with one another, improving social relationships. Communicating through fun and creative means also offers more freedom, encouraging curiosity and enhancing imagination, which may lead to greater confidence and independence.

At Autism Unlimited, the people we support are encouraged to express themselves through many creative channels and art forms, from painting and drawing to music, dance and more.

One of our Futures Learners is a talented artist, with a passion and flair for drawing.

They said, 'I have drawn since I could hold anything, I use art as a coping mechanism and can use it to show how I'm feeling. It can be rather hard for me to know how I feel a lot of the time.’

They have kindly shared some of their amazing pieces of artwork, which can be seen in the video above.

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