Crystal's Insight

Emily Griffiths

Date: 23/02/22

Crystal is a Community Connector at the Chris Page Centre, providing information and support to autistic adults, children and their families. She offers vital signposting, pointing people in the right direction to get the help they need, and answering any questions they might have.

She said, ‘At the Chris Page Centre we do a lot of different work and great work, but what I do is, I speak with parents, carers and individuals that have enquiries through our signposting service.’ She considers autism to be a lot of different things and a lot of different people. It’s different for every person and it’s about really getting to know individuals and their distinct situations. No one person is the same – everyone is unique in their own way.

Having spoken to many individuals in the autistic community, she addresses on some of the challenges they may face. This might be around social interaction, finding social opportunities, or even understanding their rights and what adjustments they can ask for in the community, workplace and wider society.

She wants to dismiss the misconception that autistic people don’t have a sense of humour – in her experience, this has never been the case, and some of the autistic people she has met have been really funny and hilarious. They do have a sense of humour, just like anyone else.

Autism Unlimited is here to support anyone in the autistic community, and the charity is trying to be really responsive in terms of working with autistic adults and parents, carers, and leading the way so that they can live their best lives.

The community connection service is available to anyone who wants to make an enquiry through the telephone booking form, or alternatively you can give them a call. Crystal is always happy to speak to anyone that has any questions about autism or would like to find out more, whether they’re looking for specific information, services or just need someone to talk to.

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