Nevaeh's Story

Taheera Khan

Date: 20/04/22

Nevaeh is a talented 12-year-old singer, and newly appointed child ambassador for Autism Unlimited, who produced a magical performance at the launch of our Chris Page Centre earlier this year. While she has been singing her whole life, she began doing it professionally at just 7 years old.

Amongst her many performances, her greatest achievement was singing with former X Factor winner Sam Bailey, who she supported at one of her dates in the Lighthouse in Poole. Alongside singing, she also enjoys reading and drawing.

In addition to being a gifted vocalist, Nevaeh is autistic, dyslexic and epileptic - which makes her kind of ‘EPIC’!

To her, autism means she’s not just in the crowd – it makes her stand out and more individual and unique than everyone else.

There have been many occasions where people have responded in disbelief when she has revealed her autism, saying, ‘when I've told people I’m autistic, they’re like no, I don't believe that.’

She doesn’t view autism as a barrier – it doesn’t stop her from pursing her passion of singing, describing it as a thing that is just ‘extra’.

In fact, she finds that autism gives her a good ear to a lot of things. When listening back to her music, she notices little things that need changing which most people would typically overlook. It helps her with her music, finding ways to improve it.

She maintains that receiving an autism diagnosis doesn’t change who you are as a person, instead it opens up doors to support which make life easier.

‘Autism doesn't affect you with anything, like it doesn't make you any different to who you were before the diagnosis. You've always had it, so like if you just had a diagnosis and it doesn't change you as a person, you just now know that you have these difficulties or the autism so people can now support you with it. So basically, it just makes life easier.’

She strongly rejects the myth that ‘autistic people don’t have any friends’. While she admits it can be harder to make friends for some people, it’s not impossible. Despite sometimes finding it difficult herself, she still has a group of very supportive friends that have always been by her side.

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