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Peer Discussion Group

Join us in weekly virtual discussion groups to talk about key topics around staying happy, healthy and having a balanced lifestyle.

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What happens at a meeting?

Welcome to our Online Discussion Group for autistic adults to come together and have a conversation about how to live a healthier life and reduce your risk of cancer. It's an opportunity to share your experiences and challenges (for example sensory processing differences) and the things you find helpful, around key topics, such as diet, exercise and alcohol consumption with the support of your peers.

Diagnosing cancer at an early stage means it’s more likely to be treated successfully. Autistic people already face health inequalities and greater healthcare barriers, potentially increasing their risk of cancer and making it more difficult to access screening and treatment.


Getting involved is really easy.

Click on the Sign up button above and leave your contact details with Crystal in support/help.

Then we will get in touch and introduce ourselves and explain how the meetings work.

It is on Microsoft Teams, and we will send a link every week for you to join.

Each session will focus on a different topic and before we move on we will run a workshop based on those topics.

There is no pressure to speak or have your camera on before you are ready. You can take the time you need to feel comfortable.