Who was Chris Page?

Chris Page was involved with our charity over many years and became a Trustee in 1996. As a parent of an autistic child who attended Portfield School, he believed in the future of our organisation. He understood the work that we needed to do to enhance the lives of autistic children, adults and their families. Over the years he provided not just financial support but dedicated his own time to volunteering for us and participating in our Practice and Standards committee.

He knew that, for many children and adults, the first step in transforming their lives was to get the right diagnosis and that this, brought enlightenment and a path to a brighter future. He also understood that without diagnosis many people struggled with everyday life and situations.

Chris bequeathed the charity the proceed of a property sale, which we have used to set up a support centre in his name. The centre will enable many others to find the right support and outcomes they require, something that we know Chris would be very proud to be associated with.