Training for Businesses

Progressive and inclusive employers are increasingly keen to unlock the multiple benefits of a neuro-diverse workforce and to tap into new talent pools. They also possess a desire to create a culture of neuro-diverse and non-neuro diverse staff working collegiately and confidently together.

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What’s on offer

Our training gives managers and human resources professionals an understanding of the needs of autistic employees and outlines simple adjustments to recruitment practices and workplace environments that will enable them to thrive.

The many benefits of training with us include guidance on the correct, reasonable adjustments and how to embed them in an organisation and equip your business to meet the legal obligations regarding disabled employees.

Employers find that investing in training proves beneficial well beyond managing individuals on the autism spectrum.

With the right approach, organisations can reap the benefits of an increased talent pool for potential employees; improve engagement, awareness and productivity; and broaden diversity.

We have the following training available:

  • Autism Awareness – Foundation
  • Accepting Autism – Tools & Techniques (Oliver McGowan)
  • Autism Friendly Recruitment Processes
  • Reasonable Adjustments - Autism in the Workplace
  • Inclusive & Non-Biased Recruitment techniques
  • Coaching and Mediation
  • Total Communication
  • Signalong™
  • Performance Management
  • Confident Conversations
  • Effective Feedback
  • Essential Management
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Team Motivation
  • Meaningful Meetings
  • Prioritisation & Problem-Solving
  • Powerful Presentations