The impact...

"Receiving a delayed autism diagnosis at 19 made me able to look back at a lot of my personal obstacles and problems and understand what was at the root of them. I’ve been able to communicate with my family about things that have affected me since childhood and finally understand them. It also has allowed me to communicate my disability requirements with my university and workplace. It has made me much happier and given me a better understanding of myself and how I am different to others.

I had a great experience getting my diagnosis through Autism Unlimited. I found them to be extremely helpful and caring. Getting my diagnosis has allowed me to get access to a Disabled Student Allowance and specialist help to manage my autism. It has also been very comforting, as I can recognise some of my issues are symptoms of autism and find ways of managing it. I've now got a diagnosis I can share with family, friends and teachers to help them understand me. Autism Unlimited was great at leading me through each step of the diagnosis and what happens after. I now feel much more confident in my abilities and managing my symptoms."

Anonymous Client, 2022