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Preparing for an interview

As a specialist autism charity we know that careful planning and advance information, is both important and beneficial to the candidate applying for a job and attending an interview.

We want to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

The interviewing process can be stressful for anyone, but for those on the autism spectrum, it can pose a unique challenge and their performance in an interview setting may place an autistic person at a disadvantage. We have introduced a variety of modifications which make our interviews more autism-friendly. Changing the interviewing process is not giving any special advantage; it provides every applicant with the opportunity to best demonstrate their distinct strengths and abilities.

When applying for a role with Autism Unlimited all candidates are provided with a detailed outline of what to expect during the interview.

We supply a copy of the interview questions ahead of time to allow time to prepare.

Clear instructions of where to park, the format of the interview and photographs of the panel members are shared with each candidate and of course, we do our best to accommodate any reasonable arrangements.

It’s our way of ensuring there are no surprises on the day and the candidates take things at your own pace.

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