Our new mobile coffee shop, the Brew Crew!

Brew Crew
Taheera Khan

Date: 18/08/22

We are very excited to share our new mobile coffee shop, the Brew Crew!

30 Aug 2022

The Brew Crew is a coffee horsebox designed to equip our young people with practical work experience, enabling them to train as baristas and get involved in the community.

It was officially unveiled at the launch of our Chris Page Centre and recently made an appearance at our PTA Summer Fayre, where it was enjoyed by a long queue of customers!

The beautifully branded coffee horsebox provides a safe and supportive environment for our young people to learn barista skills and develop key competencies, such as their communication, problem-solving, attention to detail, and teamwork.

It offers an insight into the world of work and delivers hands-on experience which can help them become more independent, strengthening their growth and development as they move towards adulthood.

They can practise key life skills, including cash handling, following instructions, and cleaning, boosting their CV and equipping them with the tools and confidence they need for the workplace.

Some of our Portfield School students and Futures Learners have already started undertaking barista training, learning how to use the different equipment and machinery to make lattes, cappuccinos, tea, hot chocolate and more! They have also been taking orders and serving customers, interacting with different people and gaining vital customer service skills.

Michael, one of our Futures Learners, has learned a range of barista skills that he will be using at the café where he is doing his work placement.

It makes an excellent addition to our Work Experience Programme, which supports our young people through various opportunities to pursue a career where they feel fulfilled and flourish.

At Autism Unlimited, we are always looking at ways to enable the best possible outcomes for the people we support when they transition into the world of employment. By maximising the support and opportunities available to autistic young people, we can help to bridge the autistic employment gap.

There are lots of exciting plans in the works for the future, so watch this space – the Brew Crew might be coming to a place near you soon…We hope you like it a latte!

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